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“Psycho meets The Boy Next Door. Filled with suspense and intrigue, The Beauty in Ms. White follows a troubled young man who becomes increasingly unhinged after he discovers the subject of his obsession. ... If you're itching for a gripping psychological thriller, I highly recommend The Beauty in Ms. White.”

Readers' Favorite

What happens when fantasy crosses over into reality? For Carlos Castillo, a lonely store manager, it creates a twisted story, a convolution of the truth that lies behind most fairytales: Love is real, but at times, it is concealed by a veil of mischief. The Beauty in Ms. White is a chilling, suspenseful love story that rips apart, then re-creates the meaning of star-crossed lovers.


“How are inhuman monsters made? Through the very human experiences of loneliness, angst, fantasy and hope: all powerful depictions in a story that holds many poignant moments and a powerful, startling conclusion; and which is highly recommended for literary fiction readers looking for psychological depth and a powerful turn of events.”

Midwest Book Review

"A striking novel about the power of delusional assumptions. Readers should hold on tight for a wild, sharply plotted ride, as C.O.B.’s unreliable narrator sinks further and further into shocking madness, for an intriguing mixture of dark romance and thriller."


"...this story is a quick and well-written read, and many will undoubtedly enjoy the journey."

The US Review of Books

"If you enjoy being on the edge of your seat, read this not-to-be-missed novella. But before you do, close your curtains or blinds. Don’t say I didn’t warn you."



"A story of the devotion of love and how one may give up everything even their lives, "Hope(less)" is a riveting blend of romance and coming of age, highly recommended."

Midwest Book Review

Life should be simple. At least that’s what KJ believes as he begins his senior year of high school. Until, he meets Lorraine. They fall in love and after a tragic accident, they run. With two bus tickets not enough to escape their agony, the two teenagers are found by strangers who become their guardians in Philadelphia. Eventually finding a place to live in New York, they drift further apart through the passing years. Losing their family once again, KJ and Lorraine must find their way back home before losing each other — all that keeps them alive.


"...a dark, intense novel ... Hope(less) is a sincere novel about two young people trying to make their way in a world that makes no sense to them. In the end they find a glimpse of meaning, but it is done in a realistic manner, not in a fairy tale ending. The novel is a good reminder of the hopelessness we all experience at some time in our lives and the power of love to turn that around." 

Reader Views

"It is an emotional and intellectual exercise that must be undertaken not by the faint of heart, but by a reader who wants a literary prime rib rather than a marshmallow."

Book Binge

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