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Our newest release, A Drinker's Poems, Thoughts & Dialogue, is here!

"Enjoy this literary brew on us."

"This is what poetry is all about! … So many deep truths can be discovered from one life topic if explored from different perspectives! This is what I got from “A Drinker’s Poems, Thoughts, Dialogue” by C.O.B. It’s a must-read book to take to a bar!"

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"No matter what page you turn to, something new and innovative will greet you there. There's no time to become bored or for the writing to stale. C.O.B. shows that, no matter what form it’ll take, a gut-wrenching piece of writing awaits."

Independent Book Review

The Four Seasons of Love is the

potent and unforgettable conclusion to our Words & Graphics series.

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"…masterful enough to recall Brautigan's Trout Fishing in America.
Indeed, the writing evokes other Beat writers like Kerouac or Burroughs"

The US Review of Books

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In addition to originals, the most captivating and popular graphics

from this one-of-a-kind series are now available as Posters and More!


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